Flyer Side Chats

With an affectionate nod to the Radio Shack Flyer Side Chats by Lewis Kornfeld.*

*Lewis Kornfeld was President of Radio Shack in the 70-80's; He felt it was important to personally communicate with his (Radio Shack's) customers.  To accomplish this, from the late '70s to early '80s, Kornfeld wrote a column on the SIDE of the Radio Shack sales FLYER, appropriately called the "Flyer-Side Chat".  Within this column, Kornfeld talked about a wide range of topics. Was this the analog version of blogging? Whatever you want to call it, it was nice that Kornfeld, a man who was running the company, took the time to bridge the gap between the corporate office, and communicate directly with the customer. And it provides a great executive overview of the procduct or features being discussed.  Weather you agreed with Mr. Kornfeld, or disagreed, his columns were informative, entertaining, and encoraged something all to rare intodays world.  Discussions!  We hope to bring some of his style, wit, and forthought to our blogs in the CSG Flyer Side Chat section, with great respect to Mr. Kornfeld.
CSG Thanks the website Radio Shack Catalogs for providing a look back to a once wonderful organization, and the use of some of the material quoted above.