About us

Technical Professionals, Dedicated to Your Success

Collective Solutions Group is composed of a  group of people who have made technological pursuits our life's work.  We are passionate about the safe, effective use of technology in business and professioanl evironments. We beleive in privacy, and will never violate your trust.  And we have been told that "for technical poeple", we are remarkably easy to talk to".  

Collective Solutions Group becomes your technological advocate; A trusted ally in your efforts to make technology work for you - instead of against you.  Our reccomendations are based upon years of experience, and our honest assessment of what choices you may be considering.  We take no kickbacks from suppliers - and have no axe to grind while deploying and working with your vital business technologies other than looking out for your best intrests.

In short, we are a group of people passionate about the effective use of technology in business. We build great products and deliver excellent services designed to make sure you get the most out of your business technology investment. 

Having been in the business of technical products and services since 2000, we have found a few unique products, some extra value rich products, and some especially worthwhile combination packages that we take pride and pleasure in making available to our clients, and others via our web store. For many products we also offer special discount rates for "ConfigAssist" - CSG remote telephone technical services will connect to your product remotely, and assist you in basic first time basic configuration and setup.

We hope that in each case the information provided on the product or service will be of use to you, weather or not you ultimately choose to purchase them - or other products and services.

We build great products and deliver excellent services designed to make sure you get the most out of your business technology investment.

Our products are designed from the ground up for small to medium size companies who deserve the same technical abilities and professional care and advice as the larger firms acquire.


If you need one specific project solution, or scheduled services on a regular basis, or when an “off-the-shelf” solution just doesn’t quite meet your unique business needs

  • Collective Solutions Group understands.

CSG specializes in working in co-operation with your existing vendors, support providers and I.T. personnel to optimize the efficiency of your user’s workflow.  CSG can help stop the “finger-pointing” when vendors can’t agree on where problem responsibility lies!

Collective Solutions Group understands the importance of accountability, consistency, and expense control.  The CSG service process includes constant customer involvement, and checkpoints throughout the process designed to assure that the service that we deliver is the service that you expected!

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