Internet Based Communication

Voice Telephone Service & Fax Machines - Brought Into the 21st Century

One of the biggest expenses for business is the telephone.  Small Business especially suffers from hard-ball sales methods, and demands for contracts made by the big wireline phone companies.  And forget all about taking their standard prices - even a Kardashian would shudder. If you don't make an effort to negotiate better terms for your contract rate, you get taken advantage of. In short - it's obnoxious.

If you have a small business, there are likely only two reasons you still use old fashioned copper-wire phone service at all.  As a business, you need a way for customers to call you.

What other kind of phone service is there?  Cellular?  The Sound Quality and Reliability is generally just not good enough.  No customer truly wants to have to talk to you when you're on a cell phone.
But even good cell phone reception won't help if you must be able to fax as part of your workflow.  In spite of the fact that fax machines may be "stone-age" technology, it's estimated that 60% or more businesses & professionals still use, and oftentimes require them. You probably already know that there's lots of ways to send a fax by internet; Online web sites, email to fax, and etc.  But with all that convenience, you still can't use your actual fax machine - unless you have old fashioned copper wire phone service.  Until Now.
The answer to both needs is Internet Based Communication.

If you have a reasonably good internet connection, then you already have a way to dump your copper phone lines - and their high-as-a-kite monthly bills - without sacreficing good, reliable voice quality, or the ability to use your trusty Fax Machine.

Explore the sections below to learn more about these exciting, inexpensive technologies that can supercharge your workflows, and get you off your old copper phone lines once and for all!